I am an experienced software engineer/architect and technology consultant with a flair for the original. I have a wide skill base encompassing capabilities in software design and development for Unix/Linux, OSX and Windows; applied mathematics; the design, deployment and testing of IP infrastructure; management and recruitment of teams; and the nature of software industry value creation and day to day operation. Since the majority of my career has been in self-founded organisations I have become capable of delivering to commercial as well as technological aims.

Work History

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2013 - 2014

Software Engineer - Weatherscape XT


I have been assisting in the development of a real time 3d weather rendering package. Specific outcomes were that the frame accuracy of a render pipeline was assured; shaders for bicubic interpolation were written and tested; and some geometry was replaced. I also wrote Python scripts for remote installation and for automating video clip production.

The last 3 months of the contract I was employed to study the architecture of our existing software and client deployments, then advise both management and an external software engineering consultancy on how best to approach future maintenance/replacement tasks.

2011 - 2013

R&D Software Engineer

Weta Digital

My task for Weta was to create a new voxel storage technology with superior scalability, lower file server utilisation and better performance-in particular lowering per-frame load times. The resulting solution was an out of core voxel database using lazy evaluation; three dimensional data compression using a variety of techniques; higher order interpolation; a no cost approach to disabled channels and exhibiting near linear per-core scalability.

An extension into the work was a similar library for particle storage - the primary challenge being that of indexing.

I am credited as an R&D engineer on Tin Tin and The Hobbit.

2006 - present

Product Owner / Software Engineer

Atomic Droplet

Mix Tape is a music mixing application featuring automatic beat detection and matching; an innovative user interface that still adheres closely to Apple's look and feel; and single click Internet publishing.

Initially launched in June 2010, Mix Tape has since been guided primarily by user feedback and has transitioned into being sold via the AppStore and running within a sandbox. In terms of technology the beat matcher is an FFT combined with a propose/evaluate style algorithm; the playback engine decompresses audio files in a read-ahead fashion into a cache ensuring the audio pipeline never stalls; and Internet publishing (server side) configures an S3 bucket to receive the mix directly from the application itself then serves directly using a Python application.

The user interface and Internet publishing technology have also been licensed to a third party.

2006 - 2009

Software Engineering Consultant

Atomic Droplet

As a consultant I implemented an OpenGL capture pipeline using shaders for colourspace conversion and pre-compression; and a composite video to OpenGL texture conversion plugin for a 3D engine.

2005 - 2006

Product Owner/CTO

Virtual Katy Development

I was recruited by the company's founder to bring technical strength and software industry knowledge to the company prior to a capital raising exercise. We gained funding from iGlobe Treasury (Singapore) and grew a small team to develop and maintain Virtual Katy 2.

VK2 was released at the NAB trade show in April 2006 and quickly became the leader in its niche.

2002 - 2005



Periscope was a company set up to develop and commercialise IP around the (then upcoming) h.264 video standard. The software was capable of encoding QVGA video at real time on a 2003 cpu. Unfortunately a project to commercialise this into the education space had to be cancelled prior to its completion.

The company also consulted in the media software space. This included the greenfield development of VoiceQ (movie post production) including the tender process; recruitment of appropriately skilled software engineers from abroad; and work to maintain the application extended into 2009. We also created some prototype software for Virtual Katy development; and created and tested network infrastructure.

The company was ultimately acquired by one of it's customers.

2000 - 2001



Afterswish was created to develop and commercialise IP for network load balancers. The software was purchased outright by Allied Telesyn.


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Software Engineering

My primary skills are in C++ (expert), Objective C (near-expert) and Python (competent). I have recently spent some time with some newer tools and have found Swift and Kotlin to be excellent next-generation languages.

Software Consulting

I am expert in elucidating requirements from my clients, then designing a solution for their problems. Development is carried out in an Agile style.

Performance Consulting

Frequent work with media and internet technologies has given me experience in performance consulting. I have worked extensively with software capture and render pipelines.

Business Consulting

My time with startups has given me experience around product/market fit and the nature of value capture in IT.